Alpha EMC


Alpha EMC is dedicated to the overall management, support, education and partnership of our client’s environmental needs and requirements. This includes, but not limited to, environmental management erosion control, stormwater management/consultation, and the maintenance supporting such.


We provide energy cost consulting services, and environment-friendly energy saving systems to numerous clients throughout the country. Our experienced staff, allows us to provide industry leading services and solutions with regard to energy management, control and environmental impact.


Alpha EMC focuses on managing our client’s safety needs. This includes construction/residential safety support, facility OSHA support, field safety implementation, and safety program development. We guide our clients, and integrate their safety program into a seamless component of their overall business strategy.


Enviromentum® is the promotion of public awareness for environmental practices and standards throughout the country. Through Enviromentum®, Alpha EMC will be a voice to educate the public and offer a full spectrum of services that are affordable and specific to your organization.

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