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Erosion Control

Erosion control is an important and essential part of nearly every construction project.


If stormwater compliance has become a hindrance to your construction, Alpha EMC can help.


A stormwater pollution prevention plan can simplify management and development challenges.


When it comes to regulations and permitting for your business, we have the expertise you need.​


When it comes to safe energy practices for your business, we have the solutions you need.


With safety plan implementation, we can help you identify and prevent potential problems.


We have the engineering services and solutions to keep your project on track.

Why Alpha?

At Alpha EMC, support, quality, partnership and timely response are our top priorities.

Nationwide Environmental, Safety & Energy Solutions

Who We Are

We are everyday people who strive for extraordinary service. We embrace new ideas, approaches and concepts while firmly espousing traditional values of hard work, teamwork, service and excellence. Our story and humble beginnings are not unique; however, the blessing of servicing our clients for over 13 years during incredible change, global recession and evolving government regulations is a tribute to the heart and resilience of the Alpha EMC Team.   

In desiring to leave the “world better than we received it,” for Alpha EMC, it goes beyond the areas of environmental, energy, safety, engineering and consulting. It goes to each encounter. Each conversation. Each activity. And, each effort. It’s about unbending concepts that are important to our teams. It’s concepts of selflessness, client service, responsiveness, resourcefulness, communication and doing the right things right that drive each client project to completion.

We are not perfect, but we strive for perfection. Our team members are respected by those within and outside our industry. Alpha EMC is a pioneer in our industry and a partner in whom you can trust. Contact us today at 877-925-7423 for a complimentary assessment.