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> What Is Erosion Control?

What Is Erosion Control?

May 31, 2018 Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail

Erosion is the process of the wind or water washing (or blowing) away from the soil, rock and other materials on the surface. During the construction process, erosion control is the systematic design of the land and other systems to prevent or reduce erosion. The environmental engineers at Alpha EMC specialize in evaluating land and erosion management.

Why Does Erosion Control Matter?

In Central Florida, erosion control is especially important given the weather we often see. The extreme winds and torrential rain we often get can erode the soil on your property, even if it’s fairly flat! Erosion control is a normal step of the construction process, but it saves your money down the road.

  • Alpha EMC’s erosion management solutions:
  • Lower the risk of flooding damage to your property and home
  • Reduce construction delays
  • Lessen water treatment issues
  • Lead to lower maintenance costs.

The engineers at Alpha EMC have years of experience and knowledge in erosion management. For more information about our erosion control solutions or to subcontract us, call


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